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2016 HammerHead HB100

Hammerhead Pipe Bursting Equipment Package!


General Description:
2016 Hammerhead Pipe Bursting Machine Package.

-Hammerhead PP4500 Powerpack
-Hammerhead HB100XT
-Rod Box with Rods

Additional Information:
Manufactures Equipment Specifications:

HydroBurst 100XT:
-Practical solution for a wide range of sewer, water and gas line replacement jobs.
-Strength to replace pipes up to 16" (400 mm) yet is compact enough to efficiently replace pipes as small as 4" (100 mm).

-Pipe Replacement Range - in (mm): 4 - 16 (100 - 400)
-Maximum Pulling Force - tons (t): 99.4 (90.2)
-Rig Size L/W/H - in (m): 83/30/39 (2.11/0.76/1.00)
-Weight - lb (kg): 3,200 (1,451)
-Rod Weight - lb (kg): 33.5 (15.2)
-Rod Diameter - in (mm): 2.50 (63.5)
-Rod Length - in (m): 39.37 (1.0)

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