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The Tough Broker Project is a challenge issued by HDD Broker to its employees to test their physical strength and endurance, but most of all their willpower in one of the world's most grueling races... the Tough Mudder Marathon.

Each employee has committed to a strict regime of exercise and diet in order to forge their bodies into something capable of enduring over 12 miles of some of the most challenging and brutal obstacles ever assembled.

In these pages, we invite you to meet our employees and follow their progress as they transform themselves from desk jockey to...

Tough Broker.

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Cesar Cano
November 6, 2012

It seem only like yesterday that Jonathan Brown (Sales Specialist) and Bob Martin (General Manager) were playing with the idea of individually entering the Tough Mudder competition. Yes, 8 months ago, only desk jockeys inhabited the halls of HDD Broker. Now, the halls are roamed by Tough Brokers. As one of those former desk jockeys, I have seen and felt the transformation within myself. Still, the biggest benefit of this transformation is feeling great in doing my part to raise funds for the Wounded Warrior Charity.

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