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Manufacturer: Ditch Witch
Model: 3610
  US/Imperial Metric
Height: 86 in
Length: 154 in
Width: 64 in
Additional Info:
Angle of approach: 20°
Overhang beyond tire: 3.5 in
Height: 86 in
Length - transport: 154 in
Wheelbase: 48 in
Width: 64 in
Tread: 46 in

Ditch Witch model 3610 tractor, 4-wheel drive, rigid frame,
ground drive through rubber tires, conventional two-wheel power steering,
centerline mechanical riding trencher.

Vehicle speeds @ 2500 rpm with 26 x 12.00-12 tires
Maximum transit forward
1st gear 2.3 mph
2nd gear 3.9 mph
3rd gear 7.3 mph
Maximum reverse 1.9 mph
Vehicle clearance circle (wall-to-wall) 27 ft
Operating weight (with shortest boom, 6 in wide
4-pitch chain, and 175 lb operator) 3940 lb

Blade width: 64 in
Blade height: 13.9 in
Lift height above ground: 11.6 in
Blade drop below ground: 8 in
Maximum swing angle (left/right): 28°
Tilt angle (up/down): 11°

Ground drive:
Transmission (mechanical) - 3 speeds forward, 1 reverse with gear drive to axles
Ground drive (hydraulic) - Hydraulic drive infinitely variable from zero
to maximum forward and reverse through gear reduction to axles
Clutch: Automotive spring-loaded foot-operated friction drive
Service brake: Disc, foot operated
Parking brake: Disc, hand operated
26 x 12.00-12 4-ply bar lug, 12 psi (83 kPa)
29 x 12.50-15 4 ply bar lug, 20 psi ( 138 kPa)
Trencher Drive
Transmission - 3 speeds, 1 reverse through shock absorbing clutch
belt drive to right angle drive to head shaft
Clutch - Automotive spring-loaded foot operated friction drive

Engine: Deutz F3L1011 - Diesel
Cooling medium: Air
Injection: Direct
Number of Cylinders: 3
Displacement: 125 cubic inches
Bore: 3.58 in
Stroke: 4.14 in
Engine manufacturer's gross horsepower rating: 43.5 hp
Max. governed speed as installed (no load): 2650 rpm
Flywheel power (full load): 35 hp

Pump capacity: 9 gpm
Pump relief pressure: 2500 psi

Fuel tank: 13 gal
Engine lubrication oil: 6 qt
Transmission: 3.0 pt
Hydraulic reservoir: 7.7 gal
Hydraulic system: 9 gal

Group 26/26R/70, Res. Cap. 85 min SAE cold crank @ 0° F (-18°C), 700 amp
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