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Manufacturer: Ditch Witch
Model: P80
  US/Imperial Metric
Height: 48 in
Length: 108 in
Weight: 930 lb
Width: 36 in
Additional Info:
Trench Box
Length: 108 in
Width: 36 in
Height: 48 in
Height from base to centerline of bore: 8.4 in
Weight: 930 lb
Operating weight with P80 installed: 1240 lb
Operating weight w/P80 and 42 4-foot rods: 2700 lb
Back Brace
Length min. to max.: 72-100 in
Width: 17 in
Height: 18 in
Height from base to centerline of bore: 7.6 in
Level adjustment height: 6 in
Weight, Back Brace: 440 lb
Operating weight with basic unit: 704 lb

Cylinder diameter: 8 in
T-Bar width: 5.8 in
T-Bar height: 12.0 in
Base to cylinder centerline: 7.2 in
Height, w/o handle: 16 in
Length, T-bar installed with cylinder retracted: 42 in
Width, T-Bar: 72 in
Push rod diameter: 1.75 in
Weight, basic unit: 253 lb
Weight, T-Bar: 204 lb
Operating weight: 462 lb

Stroke, each cycle: 9 in
Bore diameter, max.: 13 in
Weight, basic unit: 253 lb
Weight, T-Bar: 204 lb
Weight, operating: 462 lb
Hydraulic flow, min. to max.: 5-20 gpm
Hydraulic pressure, max.: 2500 psi
Cylinder force at 2500 psi: 81,360 lb
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