New facilities for HDD company

By Trenchless International - January 8, 2014

US brokerage firm HDD Broker has opened new office facilities in Naples, Florida.

The brand new facility doubles the company's available square footage and features cutting edge remote networking, dedicated server storage and expanded conference capabilities.

The official ribbon-cutting ceremony is slated for the third week of January 2014. HDD Broker's customers and vendors will be receiving invitations directly, and anyone else wishing to attend is encouraged to email the company for more information.

Along with the new facility, several position changes within the management team have taken place. Renée Lauzon-Martin and Mike Lauzon have both been promoted to the positions of General Manager and Specialty Business Unit Manager respectively, while Bill Fluharty has assumed the role of Sales Manager. These management changes maximise the internal staff resources of the company and set the stage for future growth and innovation.

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