Bill Fluharty
Sales Manager
Direct Number: +1.727.513.7455
Office Number: +1.866.960.3331, +
Spotify: Playlist

I was fortunate to be added to the HDD Broker sales staff at the beginning of 2010 and worked for a number of years on our retail side in day to day sales. As time evolved, so did my role with the company, and so I worked on the purchasing side of our business.

There are many, many awesome aspects to working for the company, but one of the most rewarding 0en I was in day to day sales, was helping a customer grow his business and become more than what they were when they purchased their first drill via HDD Broker. This applies both our domestic and our international clients. Being able to build that trust and becoming their partner for equipment as their fleets grow was inspirational for sure.

As I evolved to the purchasing side, it was equally rewarding to be able to help clients out of sticky financial situations by being able to offer them the best dollar possible for their equipment as quickly as possible. Being able to give them certainty of revenue vs. having to submit to the auction process and all that it entails from a revenue and fee uncertainty perspective has really assisted many of our customers rebound from the tough financial times of the last few years. To assist someone in saving a business is a great feeling. Additionally, we have played a key role in assisting many firms' ability to update the fleet to newer equipment as the work began to flow again.

Every day is different here at HDD Broker, but in the end, we focus on helping our customers solve their equipment problems, whether it's buying or selling. Partnering with our clients to assist in their success is extremely rewarding and one of the most favorite parts of my job.

Hometown: Fort Myers, FL
  • Florida State University/University of Central Florida BS Criminal Justice
Hobbies: Boating, Fishing, Lobster Diving
Start Year: 2010
Favorite Drill: 36x50S2 with Big pipe/Big pump
  • 2014 - Customer Excellence Award
  • 2012 - Exceptional Dedication
  • 2011 - Ivan Award
  • 2010 - Above and Beyond


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