Gary Renwick
IT Specialist
Office Number: +1.866.960.3331, +

Gary Renwick was born and raised in Victoria, BC. After managing movie theatres and video stores in the entertainment industry, Gary went back to school to pursue a diploma in Computer Systems Technology. He began his IT career working in consumer-level hardware and customer service before bringing his skills to HDD Broker, and enjoys the challenges and learning opportunities present in working for an international brokerage firm. When not at work, Gary enjoys relaxing outside by a lake or hosting an evening of board games with friends.

Hometown: Victoria, BC
  • Camosun College Computer Systems Technology Diploma
Hobbies: Computer Technology, Video Games, Break Dancing, Cooking, Board Games
Start Year: 2012
Favorite Drill: Vermeer D1000x900
  • April 2014 - Million Dollar Club


I'd like to thank Gary for putting a lot of effort into getting the new server rack up and running. Assembling a server rack is something that Gary has never done before and so was outside of his expertise. Gary took up the challenge by doing quite a bit of research and consulted many people including some IT consultants to make sure that the equipment we were purchasing would meet our existing needs and provide us some expansion for the future. This is a major upgrade in our IT infrastructure and one that definitely could not have been done without Gary. Office Testimonial


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