Jonathan Brown
Sales Specialist
Direct Number: +1.323.553.7455
Office Number: +1.866.960.3331, +
Spotify: Playlist

Hometown: Paterson, NJ
Hobbies: Classic Movies, Fishing, Writing, Reading, Spending time with Family, Cooking
Start Year: 2011
Favorite Drill: 24x40 series 2 because it's a durable Workhorse.
  • 2019 - Sales Specialist of the Year
  • 2015 - Sales Specialist of the Year
  • August 2015 - Million Dollar Club
  • April 2014 - Million Dollar Club
  • 2013 - Customer Service
  • 2012 - Customer Service


Dear Jonathan,
It has been long time now since we spoke, Hope you are doing good! I remembered you because you have given me a really good machine when I was buying my first machine, which has helped me to bring my business to the next level today. Now we are planning to expand our business to pipeline (GAS and Petroleum) projects, for that we are looking for a 45 to 50 Ton equivalent machine to buy. So thought of checking with you for the availability of the same with you or if you can source such machine which is in good condition for us. We are looking at a used machine with low hours at a reasonable price. Harish G.
Item # 22217 will arrive to us tomorrow. Thank you ever much for service. We would recommend you to other companies. Phonphirot
I will sure let you know whenever I need something and if I want to sell some material because of the nice experience I had with you and your company.
Thank You for everything. Mr. Ali A
I just want to say what a pleasure it is to work with someone like you, this being the first time doing something like this always brings doubts to mind on where the money will to go and if you are being part of a scam or not. I would truly recommend your service and the company for whom you work for. I can say the time was great, and you are truly trustworthy.
Thank You for everything. Karina
Just wanted to pass along a BIG thank you, I trust you know how appreciative we are of the time and talent it takes to get a deal like this done! Bonnie
Thanks Mr B. every piece of equipment from HDD has served me very well. I hope all is good and if I need to buy or sell something your my only stop. Have a great weekend. Nick
Buying was a great experience! This makes the 2nd drill I have purchased through HDD Broker and have had a great time!
It gives me great pleasure to let you know that we have captured a very big order of HDD Contracts in India. I want to thank you for the support and cooperation extended by you and your organization continuously for the last many years. I acknowledge that my requests to you were never denied and you always made adjustments to meet my requirements.
I thank you sincerely once again and hope that your trust in me and my company will remain the way it is for a lot of good business in the coming years.
Thanking you Parag
Dear Jonathan,
We have received the machine at our site and on our first tests everything looks fine. On behalf of everyone at our company group that have been involved in this purchase I wish to thank you for your help, and hope we can do business again in the future.
Best Regards, Cristobal
Thanks for the info. I hope I can possibly give you a little insure in regards to the summary on the attachment. It states how sales and demand are were slow in Feb and March, and how that may just be a blip or be a normal tendency each year. From my experience in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia, this has been the case each year. There is overall less construction going on at this time and seasonal businesses aren't gearing up for the summer until late march. Also, most of the large communication and utility companies (Dominion Power, Verizon, Cox Cable, etc.) are at their time of reviewing and working up new contracts with their primary contractors at this time of the year. You guys have helped me a lot with selling equipment already so I hope maybe some of this info will help you guys as well. Best regards. Office Testimonial


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