Renée Lauzon-Martin
General Manager
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Office Number: +1.866.960.3331, +
Links: Facebook, TikTok, Spotify

I've been fortunate to have been part of the HDD industry since the early 1990's. My parents, Bonnie and Ivan Lauzon, owned one of the first drills in Western Canada, a Straightline 810, and were successful HDD contractors. They later owned a tooling manufacturing company and like many family businesses, we were all profoundly involved (including my brother Mike Lauzon and my husband Bob Martin!).

HDD Broker was born when Ivan and Bonnie, who had retired, began receiving calls from customers looking to sell their equipment. I suggested that we create a website, then promptly bought "HTML for Dummies" and built the website myself. Selling equipment online in 2001 was a radical idea back then, but a new family enterprise was born! We started in the basement but now have offices in the USA and Canada, and sell to over 80 different countries.

Since then, HDD Broker has continued to grow and evolve, as has my role in the company. Initially handling the strategy, legal and financial aspects, my role in business development has grown to General Manager.

I am grateful that I've always been able to work with my family and for the knowledge and the strong work ethic that they've instilled. I'm also proud to be part of the HDD industry where grit, strength and determination are measures of success. Our customers are the hardest-working folks out there!

Hometown: All over the place! Edmonton, Alberta; Victoria, British Columbia and now Naples, Florida
  • I am honors graduate of University of Alberta, and also have several International Trade certifications
Start Year: 2001
Favorite Drill: In 2000, Ivan Lauzon brought a brand new American Augers DD6 up to Edmonton, Alberta to test it out. It was the first time I put pipe in the ground, so for purely sentimental reasons it has always been my favorite drill.
  • 2011 - HDD Broker Pillar
  • 2007 - "Bond 22" - Award of Excellence


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