Richard Morris
Innovation Manager
Office Number: +1.866.960.3331, +

My primary job is to provide oversight to our internal and external operations as it relates to technologies used by HDD Broker.

Internally I develop and coordinate implementation of our IT infrastructure (computers, servers, internal websites, etc.). I also develop and maintain internal websites/services that help support the daily operations and specialized projects for the rest of the company. I am also responsible for budgeting/procurement, IT staff management and company policy development and deployment.

Externally I am a contact point/coordinator for projects that we out-source or where we collaborate with other companies or groups. This can include anything from making sure the correct resources are in place to get the work done within established time lines all the way to actually implementing the necessary work to complete the project.

HDD Broker is very much a technology-first company. As a result, my position touches on many aspects of the company operations.

Hometown: Calgary, AB although I do consider Victoria, BC my home now
  • Graduated from Camosun College with a diploma in their Computer Systems Technology Program
  • Attended the University of Victoria studying Computer Science
Hobbies: Programming!
Start Year: 2003
  • 2014 - Above and Beyond Award
  • 2010 - Ivan Award
  • 2008 - Above and Beyond Award
  • 2007 - "License to Kill" - Most Knowledgeable - Support
  • 2007 - "Tomorrow Never Dies" - Most Dedicated/Committed
  • 2006 - Above and Beyond Award
  • Award of Excellence


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