A Time to Reflect with Gratitude

By Francine Ak - Support Specialist, HDD Broker LLC - November 23, 2022

2022 has flown by and we have stayed so busy through it all, one of our busiest years yet! Although we are grateful for that, we are so glad Thanksgiving is around the corner to slow us down a bit and allow us to reflect, both as a company and as individuals. We could not have imagined a year where we surpassed our goals immensely like this, and we could not have done it without you!

The HDD Broker family has shown its resilience as we continued to believe we could succeed, even through a pandemic, and then a hurricane that we never imagined would inflict so much destruction as it did in our own part of Florida (No pecan pie for you Ian). Looking back through this year, it is safe to say we have an extraordinary team that works well together, strives to always do their best, and support one another no matter what. And it's no surprise that behind our team, Renée and Bill stand as two rock-solid pillars that advocate, encourage, and have shaped the environment of HDD Broker.

This week, I had the pleasure of going around and asking our team what they are thankful for in this season. Here are some of the responses:

Richard: "I'm thankful for my family and friends. It can be tough to strike the right work/life balance. For this reason, I'm also thankful to be part of the HDD Broker team for almost 19 years."

Angela: "I Am grateful to have an awesome work family who supports each other. I Am also grateful for a kind, amazing manager who has blessed me with this job and to be part of this family. I Am thankful to all of our customers old and new who show us their continued support over all of these years."

Gary: "So grateful for my family and their support, as well as getting to take part in our HDD Broker team."

Trevor: "I am thankful for my loved ones, health and freedom."

Francine: "Thankful for getting to choose my family, my work, and where I live. If I could choose all over, I would still make the same choice today. Very blessed!"

Jonathan: "I'm thankful for my health, my family, my awesome coworkers at HDD Broker and our loyal customers. looking back at 2022 I'm truly blessed."

John Charles: "There is so much to be thankful for, but I would like to give a special Thank You to my Co-Worker Cesar Cano. When Hurricane Ian hit it upended and disrupted our lives completely. I was one of the lucky ones and yet it still took away my ability to work for many weeks. No power, no internet, and yet Cesar stepped in and took on my existing workload along with his own. I'm sure it was an overwhelming task for him. And yet he made sure no Buyer or Seller went without the excellent service that we provide. Cesar went above and beyond for me and mine, and for that I am so very Thankful."

Cesar: "I am thankful for the path that has resulted in the relationships I've built within the industry. I am grateful for my family and the ability to make a living to provide."

Bill: "In many respects just glad to be alive after Hurricane Ian, and so thankful we chose to evacuate vs. stay like some of the neighbors in attics and fleeing in boats...Even more thankful for my wife, family, and everyone at HDD Broker and parent company, and our hdd broker customers for their love and support after the storm. It has truly sustained me through these challenges."

Renée: "I'm most grateful for each of you, it takes a strong, supportive team to go thru what we have! Thank you from the bottom of my heart. In an extraordinary year with supply shortages, Hurricanes, high demand and even higher prices, I am so very grateful for our extended HDD family and our amazing customers. We had a record-breaking year and we are truly blessed to be in this tough and busy industry. I'm thankful everyday!"

We hope you all have a wonderful thanksgiving surrounded by those you love!

Happy Thanksgiving from your HDD Broker family!

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