New Skull Badges at the HDD Broker Merch Store

By Zachary Brown - Support Specialist, HDD Broker LLC - July 20, 2020

Here at HDD Broker, we recently launched our online merch store, featuring HDD-themed skull t-shirts stickers, and now badges. The badges feature the same design as the skull t-shirt, which features many directional drilling saying's and terms that make up the skull's design. These badges can be placed nearly anywhere you can fit them, on your truck, tool kit, or even your directional drill!

These badges have a unique process in order to get them made for the store. Our general manager, Renée Lauzon-Martin's, husband was the person who designed these badges from digital file to physical resin. Bob explained how the process began with the original skull design and how the skull was designed to embody the HDD values that folks in the industry hold true. This original design was created in a graphic program as a flat, 2-Dimensional image. Bob then transferred that 2-D image into a 3-Dimensional image program and was able to lift the HDD Broker logo and words so that they appeared in 3-D as part of an STL file. Bob then used his own 3-D printer and converted that image's digital information into a physical badge, which would become the prototype for the badges we sell online. After that, the badge was taken for molding and casting to be made of resin and to speed up the manufacturing of the badges.

Our skull badges are currently listed on our online store, the smaller badge is listed for $12.99, the larger is listed at $19.99. All prices are in USD.

Visit to grab these and/or other HDD Broker merch you can wear on site this year and for years to come.

Watch a more detailed video of the new skull badges below!

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