Announcing a New Way to Buy from HDD Broker!

By Bob Martin - General Manager - November 6, 2009

HDD Broker is proud to announce the launch of a new and exciting way to buy from the largest and most comprehensive used HDD company in the world! is now live and the first pieces of equipment are already running! This is a new way to buy via auction! The price you see is the maximum that you'll pay! Each and every day the equipment that you see on the website will be reduced by a set amount. In some cases, this can amount to savings of thousands of dollars every few days!

Once the equipment reaches a price that you're interested in paying, contact our offices to secure it with a deposit. The advantage to this method of auction is that you can also take the time to fully inspect the unit prior to paying. Your deposit secures the equipment until you're satisfied!

Interested in putting your equipment on Contact our offices to review our policies and add your equipment to the site!

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