Tips When Receiving Freight Off a Truck

By Phil Menees - Joshua Transport - January 15, 2010

Just a reminder on a few points for you and your customers when receiving freight off a truck.

Hopefully, by taking these extra few minutes in receiving your freight, you can protect your investment and enjoy the equipment that you have purchased.

Here are a few simple points:

Approach the truck while your freight is still secured to the truck. Get right up on the truck and inspect it. Look for any damages that would pertain to the transportation of the freight. Does it look right on the truck?

When the freight is safely unloaded and you're happy with receiving your product, look over the BOL(bill of lading/papers).

Is there any note on it pertaining to prior damages of the product? Why?

Is the paper work filled out properly? (point A to B/dates/VIN's/etc.)

Are the shipper and driver names readable? Is the Carrier's (trucker's) name on the paper work?

If there is any question whatsoever in receiving your freight, call ASAP prior to signing for it.

If there is damage that has happened in transit, make notes on the BOL that shows there is damage.

Following these few simple rules or a call can save you months in delays of use of your equipment.

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