Strategic Partnership and Business Expansion Caters to the Australasian Market

By Bob Martin, General Manager - August 2009 - Written for Trenchless Australasia

It is the goal of every successful company to not just serve their customers, but to excel at doing so by catering to the specific needs of their clients. The world is a very large place, made smaller by things such as the internet, however there are specific territorial, cultural and business concerns for each geographical area and it is difficult for one company to handle each area with equal ability.

It is through the implementation of strategic partnerships that the strengths of one company can be brought to bear on a new area through the strengths of another. HDD Broker has realized this, and has been systematically establishing relationships with the best companies possible in new territories, companies that have excellent reputations for customer service and knowledge and that will be able to offer their customers unrivalled service and selection. HDD Broker's partnership in Asia and the implementation of the Mandarin Chinese version of the company's website helped to pave the way for the newest alliance in HDD Broker's service arsenal... the upcoming Australasia-specific websites and new partnership with JB Attachments.

JB Attachments has been servicing the trenchless needs of New Zealand and Australia for decades, and their network of sales and service locations all across Australasia ensures that the specific needs of their customers can be quickly addressed from the customer's own territory.

Additionally, several new services will be available to customers in Australasia including financing, service contracts, extended warranty, import assurance and much more. With this partnership, the full spectrum of HDD Broker's offerings are now available to contractors in Australasia with the added benefit of local, experienced representatives and other value-added services that cater specifically to the needs and wants of contractors in Australia and New Zealand.

Already in development are the new Australasia-specific websites, which will be launched in the next few weeks.

Another recent development is the addition of a new dimension of HDD Broker products... the all new Iron Assets! Following the successful formula for the horizontal directional drilling side of their business, HDD Broker has expanded into all areas of construction equipment. Experienced sales personnel will now be able to offer thousands of listings for all manner of construction equipment including dozers, backhoes, skid steers, and much more. The new website can be found at

HDD Broker is excited to see this partnership come into fruition and hopes that in creating it, the wide array of clients in Australia and New Zealand will see unmatched service and selection with local support. The Iron Assets website also offers an entirely new spectrum of equipment options for HDD Broker clients all over the world.

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