Toronto No-Dig Show 2009

By Bonnie Lauzon - for HDD Broker Inc. - April 2009

This is my first time at writing a blog, I can't remember which one of the kids I asked "What is a blog?", and now they have a twitter something, boy this techno train is going way to fast for this Gramma!

What struck me at the Toronto Show was that the directional drilling industry has also advanced really dramatically. When Ivan and I used to go to the shows not so many years ago, there just weren't alot of people around that even heard of directional drilling. Hard to imagine, that in such a short time, our industry has taken off to where we see it today.

The Toronto Show was really a good show for HDD Broker. Ivan was able to touch base with contractors from eastern Canada; companies that really don't go to many of the US shows. We were also able to spend some time with clients from the eastern US, as well as talking to some companies that have heard of us but as yet not used our services. We hope that will change soon. :)

We were really pumped to hear that all is well with the contractors - they are busy and are saying that there are work projects coming up. The overwhelming consensus from the drillings was that the media has played a huge part in fear mongering, and everyone we spoke to seems optimistic about business and the future of drilling industry. It is not always easy to immediately gauge the success of these shows. Having a presence there, talking to clients, cementing business relationships, building a bond of trust, are all very important components to building a successful business. I enjoyed immensely my part at the show, and I hope I am called on again to take part in future shows.

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