This Winter's Top Selling Drill is.....

By Renée Martin - General Manager, HDD Broker LLC - March 1, 2016

....the Vermeer D24x40A!

Unsurprisingly, this perpetual best-seller was No. 1 on our "Top 8" list again. Consistent demand from India, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe has sustained the average price point - roughly $26,000 USD - for the last couple of years.

Also notable in the top 8 are fiber-friendly drills. Indeed, reasonably priced, compact drills are moving quickly - less than 30 days on the market according to our stats.

Absent from the list are drills over 50,000 lbs pullback. We frequently see a slowdown in larger drills over the winter and, added to low oil prices, it's not surprising that we didn't see any in our Top 8. However, interest in large and maxi drills has remained high over the winter as folks keep on an eye on pricing in anticipation of upcoming jobs.

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