Equipment Assurance

Not all equipment qualifies for equipment assurance. Service contract coverage provided by third party contract. See contract for details and scope of coverage.

Please see below or contact us for more details about what equipment qualifies and what is covered.

Have a question that isn't covered here or just want to talk to someone about warranty or equipment assurance in general? Contact us and we can further help you.

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So... HDD Broker is offering warranty on their equipment?

Yes! (and no) HDD Broker is offering service contract options for certain qualifying equipment. This contract is offered through HDD Broker by an independent insurer. Your HDD Broker salesperson can set up the entire program for you, but your actual policy will be between you and the third party insurer.

What does the Program cover?

The full powertrain and hydraulics service contract covers the following components. Powertrain-only options are available and the covered components will change accordingly:

  • Engine - All internal parts (excluding external lines and hoses), engine electronic controls.
  • Fuel System - Fuel transfer pump, fuel injection pump, fuel injection valve/nozzle, fuel injection lines and unit injectors. Governor group. Multiple fuel injector failures occurring at the same time are excluded from coverage.
  • Air Induction And Exhaust System - Piping from the turbocharger to the intake manifold, exhaust manifold, turbocharger including controls. Aftercooler/Innercooler group.
  • Cooling System - Fan group, belt tighteners, fan assembly, fan drive assembly, hydraulic fan motor and hydraulic fan pump. Water pump including the drive group. Engine oil cooler, transmission oil cooler and hydraulic oil cooler. Thermostat/water temperature regulator.
  • Transmission - Manual shift transmission, flywheel clutch group (excluding dry clutch discs, excluding external controls), torque converter group, power shift transmission including hydraulic and electronic controls, transmission pump, pump drive, scavenge pump, oil filter base. Transfer gear group excluding parking brake. Hydrostatic transmission including control valves, main hydraulic pump, pump drive, drive motors and all high pressure lines from the pumps to drive motors. Charge pump. Countershaft transmission including clutch group, pumps and controls. Electronic transmission controls.
  • Drive Line - Universal joint, drive line/shaft, drive shaft support and constant velocity universal joint.
  • Drive Systems (Track Type Machines Only) - Steering clutch and brake including controls, bevel gear, shaft and bearing. Differential steering planetary, differential drive and brake (excluding external controls), planetary, brake and differential steering control valve. Final drives.
  • Drive Systems (Wheeled Machines Only) - Differential (excluding external brake controls), differential housing, bevel gear, bevel gear shaft and bearing. Differential lock and differential lock actuator valve. Drive axle front and rear. Final drives.
  • Wheels And Axles - Wet brakes (excluding external brake controls), drive chain, tandem drive, tandem drive housing, tandem drive stub axle, drive sprocket, and driven sprocket. Tandem drive mounting. Excludes dry brakes.
  • Vibratory Components - Drum, vibratory control valve group, drum selector valve group and vibratory cooling valve group. Vibratory pump, motor and charge pump. Vibratory mechanism, hydraulic pump and motor, hydraulic valves, weight, shaft, u-joints, bearings and drum isolation system.
  • Swing Gear Assembly - Swing gear, swing gear motor and swing gear reduction unit.
  • Electrical - Engine and transmission electronic control module.
  • Hydraulics - Pumps, motors, valves, hydraulic cylinders, hoses, lines, and controls. Excluding brake controls. Excluding quick couplers.
What does the Program not cover?

The below component list identifies specifically excluded items.

  • Air conditioner
  • Alarm (back up)
  • Alternator
  • Batteries
  • Bed liner
  • Belts, bands (elevator and conveyor), chains, ropes
  • Brake discs, including brake bands
  • Cables, control (external), connecting wire
  • Compressor (air)
  • Dipsticks (engine or transmission)
  • Doors, door latches, handles, or hinges
  • Dry clutches
  • Exchangeable or replaceable parts not contained within or forming an operational part of the engine, transmission, differential or final drive
  • Frame (loss or damage to) or failure of hardware attaching covered components to the frame
  • Horn
  • Lights (operating or warning), bulbs
  • Lines or hoses for oil, water, and air (external), except hydrostatic lines & hoses between the drive pump and motor
  • Maintenance items, tune up supply items
  • Mirrors, mirror brackets
  • Muffler
  • Radiator, radiator hose, radiator cap
  • Radio
  • Rails (grab)
  • Seat assembly & controls, seat belts
  • Starter
  • Tires
  • Tools - all ground engaging tools
  • Undercarriage components (track type machines only)
  • Wear/Tear
  • Weather stripping
  • Windows, wiper blades
How long can I put my equipment under service contract for?

There are four options of coverage for HDD Broker Equipment:

  1. 3 months / 375 hours
  2. 6 months / 750 hours
  3. 1 year / 1500 hours
  4. 2 years / 2500 hours
Which equipment can qualify for equipment assurance?

Any pieces of equipment that fall within the following categories may qualify:

  • HDD Drills
  • Trenchers
  • Plows
  • Rock Saws

Additionally, the equipment must be newer than 5 years old and have less than 5000 hours of existing use. Prior to the service contract coverage beginning, the equipment must undergo an oil sample analysis for both engine and hydraulic systems and the report must be approved by the underwriter of the policy. Currently, only equipment located in Canada or the United States qualifies for equipment assurance.

Is there a limit to the compensation that I'm entitled to?

There are two limits that come into play:

  1. Limit per claim: the lesser of $75,000 USD or 50% of the purchase price of the equipment
  2. Limit per contract: 50% of the purchase price of the equipment
Do I need to do anything special in order to make sure that my equipment continues to qualify for equipment assurance throughout the service contract period?

The only thing you need to do is ensure that you continue to maintain your equipment according to the manufacturer's recommended practices. In the case of failure of a covered component, you may be asked to provide maintenance and service records to the underwriter before they approve your claim.

If I sell the equipment, can the new owner benefit from the service contract that I purchased?

Absolutely! The service contract coverage is fully transferrable and follows the equipment. Simply inform the coverage provider of a change in ownership and the new owner can enjoy the same peace of mind that you have!

How do I go about making a claim against my policy?

Instructions for making a claim are included with your service contract. Make sure that you first contact your service contract provider to inform them of the issue. They will help you throughout the rest of the process.

Can I cancel the service contract coverage and get my money back after I've paid for it?

Yes. Your service contract premium can be refunded on a pro-rated basis according to the amount of time since service contract was initiated and how much is remaining in the contract. The pro-rated refund will be sent back less a $100 processing fee.

The service contract premium will not be refunded if any claim has been previously filed on the equipment.

How much does it cost?

The cost for equipment assurance varies depending on the length of the service contract chosen and the value of the equipment. Each listing that equipment assurance is applicable for will have a quote for coverage included. If you want to know about any other options that may be available, simply speak to your HDD Broker sales representative and they'll be happy to quote you.

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