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Height 3'3.25" 997 mm
Length 10' 3048 mm
Pullback 100,000 lbs 445 kN
Thrust 100,000 lbs 445 kN
Weight 2,300 lbs 1,044 kg
Width 2'6" 462 mm

Additional Info

Length: 10' (3048 mm)
Width: 2'6" (462 mm)
Height: 3'3.25" (997 mm)

Machine, with casing pusher: 2,300 lbs (1,044 kg)
Master TrackL 500 lbs (227 kg)
Extension Track: 450 lbs (204 kg)

Engine type: Lombardini 9LD625-2 diesel air cooled with electric start
Rating: 26 HP (19.4 kW) @3000 RPM continuous duty
Fuel capacity Clutch: 4 U.S. gallons (15 L) dry, spring applied 8.5 inch (216 mm) diameter
Transmission Ratios:
Model 4 three speed constant mesh
1st gear — 3.12:1
2nd gear — 1.86:1
3rd gear — 1.00:1
Reverse — 3.75:1
Gearbox ratio: 43.5:1
Auger drive: 2.25 inch hex (57.15 mm)
Working range: 4 to 24" (102 to 610 mm) casing diameter

1st gear - 6,400 ft-lb (8,700 Nm), 22 RPM
2nd gear - 3,800 ft-lb (5,200 Nm), 37 RPM
3rd gear - 2,100 ft-lb (2,800 Nm), 68 RPM
Reverse - 7,700 ft-lb (10,500 Nm), 18 RPM

Pressure: 4,000 PSI (27,580 kPa)
Maximum Thrust: 100,000 lbs (445 kN)
Pump type: High/low speed gear pump
Output: 9 GPM (34 L/min)
Cylinders: Two 4" bore x 36" stroke (101.6 x 914.4 mm)
Filter: Suction, 25 micron replaceable element

The model 24-100 comes with a base unit slide rail holddown on each side, low center line and wide stance to provide stability and to aid in the prevention of machine rollover. The spoil door is spring-loaded to deflect thrown debris. There is an emergency shutdown switch at the operator's station. Vivid graphics guide safe and proper machine operation. Instruments include: engine tachometer, engine warning lights, hydraulic thrust pressure gauge.

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