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    Mud Mizzer 150A

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Additional Info

Four step cleaning for 10 – 15 micron solids removal
with essentially "ZERO" sand content

Does not require full-time operator

Clean fluid delivery rate of 150 GPM

1,100 Gallon capacity working tank

Tri screen shale shaker (skewed elliptical motion)

"Quick Clean" Mud mixing nozzle,
No tools required, Cleans in 30 Seconds

No need to carry mud to top
of unit for mixing, use hopper or wand

Diesel Engine with 26 gallon fuel tank

Hand rails and work platforms

3 Heavy Duty Centrifugal pumps; 1 Pre-charge, 2 Processing

3 Desanding cones; 3 Desilting cones

No electric motors or generator required

Mini VacTM suction system – moves mud from pit to shaker

Shipping Weight: 8,200 LB Wet Weight: 17,200 LB

Size: H - 9' 2" x W - 7' 4" x L - 14' 2"

Clean fluid, pressure discharge – 3" Female pipe threads
(hose not included)

Mud instrumentation provided

Roll jets to minimize tank clean out

Units conform to series "a" specifications

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