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  • Manufacturer:
    American Augers
  • Model:
  • Rig Size:
    50,001 - 100,000 lbs pullback

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Additional Info

-MANUFACTURED by the world's most experienced builder of directional drills

-HIGH ROTARY TORQUE turns very large reamers in long bores (12,000 Ib ft, 16 300 Nm)

-MUD FLOW CAPACITY is enough to run large mud motors at peak performance (up to 200-500 GPM, 756-1 890 lit/min)

-EXCLUSIVE H-BEAM hold down, the most effective system available, installs and removes quickly

-INDEPENDENT CONTROLS and hydraulic circuits for thrust/pullback, torque and mud flow permits simultaneous full power operation

-SELF CONTAINED for easy movement and setup

-RACK AND PINION thrust/pullback is much stronger than chain and requires virtually no maintenance. It is a positive drive design that eliminates the stretch and slap associated with chain drive systems

-FIELD PROVEN PIPE HANDLING with remote control hydraulic crane

-WIRELINE COMMUTATOR for speedy hookup of wireline guidance equipment

-FACTORY DIRECT SERVICE for fast support by knowledgeable technicians

-MATCH UP WITH MUD SYSTEMS designed and built by American Augers such as MP-300LC or MP-400EWLC


Max, thrust/pullback: 60,000 lb (269 KN)
Max. rotary torque: 12,000 lb-ft (16,300 Nm) @ 0-53 rpm
Max. rotary speed: 0-110 rpm
Downhole rotary HP: 120 HP (89.5 kW) @ 110 rpm
Carriage system: Rack and Pinion
Travel system: Self propelled on steel tracks
Drill angle: 12-18 degrees
Wrench/clamp: Open top, 24,000 ft-lb (32,500 Nm) max. torque
Ground pressure: 6.4 psi (44 kPa)
Weight, drill unit: 32,000 lb (14,350 kg)
Hold down stakes: H-beam type
Drill mounted crane: 6,000 lb (2724 kg) rating


Length: 32 ft (9754 mm)
Outside dia. (tube): 3-112 inch (88.9 mm)
Inside dia. (tube): 2-314 inch (70 mm)
Tool joint O.D.: 4-314 inch (121 mm)
Thread type: 3-112 IF
Make up torque: 12,000 Ib ft (1 6244 Nm) max.
Weight: 13.3 Iblft (1 9.8 kglm)


Engine: Caterpillar 3126 DlTA turbodiesel
Rating: 260 HP (194 kW) intermittent duty
240 HP (179 kW) continuous
Fuel capacity: 130 U.S. gallons (492 litres)


MUD MIXING AND PUMPING Match the DD-60R2 with our MP-300LC or MP-400EWLC. The MP-3OOLC is rated at 300 GPM at 1500 psi (1134 IiVmin at 103.4 bar.) The large capacity tank, 6,000 gallons (22,680 litres) keeps the rig operating without downtime to mix mud. Aventuri together with a centrifugal pump mixes each bag of bentonite in less time, another productivity booster. For greater mud capacity, consider the MP-400EWLC with the Ellis Williams Co, mud pump.

FLUID RECYCLING AND CLEANING To minimize bentonite use and prolong equipment life, consider the use of an American MCMdOO or MCM-1000 mud cleaning system. Returned drilling fluid is pumped into the mud cleaner where sand and other solids are removed. This prolongs the life of all parts which are in contact with the drilling fluid, and can significantly reduce the use of bentonite.


Thrust/Pullback HP 50 (37)
+Rotary HP 121 (90)
=Down Hole HP 171 (127)

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