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Accuracy ±5% absolute
Battery Charger 12/28 V DC or 110/220 V AC
Battery Life 8-12 hours (approx.)
Depth/Range LX: 33 feet, LS: 15 feet LX: 10.1 m, LS: 4.6 m
Frequency 12 kHz
Length LX: 15 in. LS: 8 in. LX: 38 cm, LS: 20 cm
Operating Temperature Range -4° to 140° F -20° to 60° C
Power Source LX: 2 C-cell batteries LS: 1 AA battery
Telemetry Range 8 channels, 500 feet 152.4 m
Width LX:1.25 in. LS: 1.00 in. LX: 3.1 cm, LS:2.5 cm

Additional Info

- The LT Locator System is designed for maximum versatility in HDD operations.
- Eight communication channels for congested drilling areas
- Well-suited for shallow depths and areas where compact equipment is required.
- Real-time graphic display allows drill head to be tracked while it is moving, or "on-the-fly," minimizing idle time for the drill rig.
- Patented target-in-the-box® technology provides the intuitiveness and simplicity that HDD operators appreciate in DCI locating systems.
- Both the LT receiver and LT remote display show depth, pitch, roll, temperature and battery status information for the transmitter.
- A short-range (15 ft [4.6 m]) transmitter is offered for the new, smaller-diameter "mini" drill rig housings.
- An adapter for the short-range transmitter to fit into standard housings is also offered.
- Features an impressive 33-ft (10.1-m) range with the long-range transmitter for larger rigs or longer, deeper shots.

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