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Height 13'1" 4 m
Length 51'6" 15.7 m
Weight 56,000 lbs 25,400 kg
Width 98.4" 2.5 m

Additional Info

Maximum Length: 51'6" (15.7 m)
Maximum Height: 13'1" (4 m)
Maximum Width: 98.4" (2.5 m)

Total Weight: 56,000 lbs (25,400 kg)

Engine: Caterpillar C-15 Tier III Diesel Engine
Rating: 475 HP (354 kW)
Noise Rating: 1 Meter Distance 104 dB(A), 3 Meter Distance 95 dB(A)
Transmission: Eaton FRO-16210B, 10 Speed
Clutch: Dual Plate, 14" (355 mm) diameter with air actuator
Battery: (2) Deka 908DMF, 12V, 1450 CCA
Generator Set: Caterpillar D125-6 114 kW, 480 volt, 60 Hz
Generator Set Noise Rating: 97 dB(A) without attenuation
Fuel Capacity: 255 U.S. Gallons (965 L)

Remote Controls: Mud Pump Throttle, Mud Pump Start/Stop, Clutch Actuator, Horn
Remote Instruments: Digital Mud Flow Meter (gallons per minute/liters per minute) Analog Engine Tachometer

Main Pump: Quintiplex, piston and liner, Bore x Stroke - 4.5 x 4.5" (114 x 114 mm)
Maximum Flow: 500 U.S. Gallons (1,893 L/per minute)
Maximum Pressure: 1,500 psi (103 bar)
Pump Motors:
(1) 3-Phase Electric, 30 HP (22 kW) 480 V for Mixing/Agitation - Inlet Size: 6" (152.4 mm), Outlet Size: 5" (127 mm), Impeller Size: 10" (254 mm)
(1) 3-Phase Electric, 30 HP (22 kW) 480 V for Charging of hydro-cyclones - Inlet Size: 6" (152.4 mm), Outlet Size: 5" (127 mm), Impeller Size: 10" (254 mm)
(1) 3-Phase Electric, 20 HP (22kW) 480 V for Supercharging of quintiplex pump - Inlet Size: 6" (152.4 mm), Outlet Size: 5" (127 mm), Impeller Size: 9.5" (241.3 mm)
Bentonite Mixer: Polyethylene constructed dry bentonite mix hopper
Discharge Hose: (4) 3" x 25 ft. (76.2 mm x 7.6 m)
Other Features: Pulsation Dampener on inlet and discharge, 33 U.S. Gallons (125 L/per minute) liner wash system with supply tank

Linear Motion Shakers - 1st with 27 ft2 (2.51 m2) area - 2nd with 18 ft2 (1.67 m2) area
Shaker wash down system - Mud sampling valve - Fold down discharge chutes
Shaker Screens: (3) 50 mesh included, (2) 140 mesh included - Various mesh sizes available
1st Cut Shaker Cleaning Capacity: Estimated 300 US Gallons (1,136 L/per minute)
Desilting System: (9) 5" (127 mm) desilter hydro-cyclones - manifold mounted
Desilting System Cleaning Capacity: Estimated 720 US Gallons (2,725 L/minute)

Screen Tank: 2,000 U.S. Gallons (7,571 L) capacity
Clean Fluid/Mixing Tank: 4,000 U.S. Gallons (15,140 L) capacity
Other Features: Tanks designed with 18" (457 mm) cleanout ports

Mounting: Rock-over design on Tri-Axle suspension
Axle Spacing 4' (1.22 m)
Kingpin Diameter: 2" (51 mm)
Lift Jacks: Hydraulically operated lift jacks raise the front to 52" (1,321 mm) clearance at the kingpin

Fluid Tank: 110 US Gallons (416 L) capacity polyethylene tank
Maximum Pressure: 1,500 psi (103 bar) maximum pressure
Fluid Discharge: 4 US Gallons (17 L/per minute) capacity
Hose: 100' (30.5 m)
Misc: Hose Reel with Wash Down Sprayer (included)

Anti-Slip Walkways with Hand Rails
Stairways and Ladders with Anti-Slip Treads
Emergency Shutdown Switch on Operators Control Panel
Electrical Grounding Stake with Cable
Work Lights - Four, 500 Watt quartz

Generator Set: 50 Hz Electrical Operating System

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