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Height 106" 269 cm
Length 222" 564 cm
Weight 2,200 lbs 998 kg
Width 82" 208 cm

Additional Info

Trailer Mounted-
Length: 222" (564 cm)
Width: 82" (208 cm)
Height: 106" (269 cm)
Empty weight is: 2,200 lbs (998 kg)

-Dual "DEXTER" easy lube axles with "Slipper Springs" rates at 7,000 lbs each
-GVWR at 14,000 lbs
-5' by 12', 3/16" Diamond Plated Steel Deck
-Pintle Hitch
-Electric brakes on both axles, with safety break away
-4 - LT235/85R16 tires and 8 lug wheels
-10,000 lbs Jack Stand with Spring Loaded

-Suction hose storage located under trailer deck (trailer
mounted units only)
-Lockable Curbside Remote Controls
-Hydraulic Pump and Hydraulic Cylinder with Remote Controls to raise tank 60 degrees
-6" Brass Rear Discharge Valve
-6" Stainless steel Portal Shut-off in top of Vacuum
-30 Gallon Fuel Tank with fuel gauge located in curbside
control panel
-6" Amber Strobe with Two adjustable Halogen Work
Lights mounted at rear of tank
-OSHA Certified
-Winterization Package with 15 Gallon semi-automatic
antifreeze system

-Fully enclosed and insulated to eliminate noise and vibration using 2/3 open cell attenuation material
-All components attached to an isolation plate that is mounted within the engine enclosure using isolation mounts
-All 4 sides of engine enclosure are removable
-All service points for engine, water pump, and vacuum
pump are accessible from curbside
-Silencer for Vacuum Pump (Mounted within the enclosure
and not to exceed 80 DBA at full performance)
-High Pressure Water Pump to be Completely Inside Enclosure

-Bag House (Big Red) - with 100 square feet filtration media, combined with 10-gallon water trap
-Filtration cylinders are washable and removable
-WET or DRY industrial filters rated at 5:1 air cloth ratio and grain loading of 30-g/acf using 0.5-micron silica dust emissions of .0060 g/acf

-4000 PSI Water Pump powered by same engine
-Electric clutch with on/off control and low water automatic shut-down
-325 Gallon Poly Water Tank plumbed to high pressure
-50' of high pressure hose rated at 4000 PSI
-Manual locking hose reel
-5' Roto Wand and Control handle
-3' Variable Nozzle Wand for clean up
-8 Gallon semi-automatic antifreeze system

-UHMW Tank liner on bottom of debris tank
-6" Brass Rear discharge valve with dust cap
-Large 6" stainless steel Portal Shut-off (stops vacuum when debris tank is full)

-49 HP Yanmar water cooled diesel engine
-1000 CFM Vacuum Pump capable of 15" of mercury (Utilizes
a "one piece" steel lobe and shaft design)
-500 Gallon debris tank with Hydraulic Lift Dump
-Hydraulically Operated Full Open Rear Door
-Hydraulically Locked Rear Door
-33' of 3" light weight smooth bore rubber Suction Hose
(industrial rated)
-Two 3" light weight dielectric Suction Wands (4' and 6')

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