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The HB3038 system is highly efficient, simple to set up, easy to operate and leaves a small foot print for the down hole unit. HB3038 systems are fast, a typical 400' (122 m) job takes only a two hour round trip from payout to completion.

HB3038 machines feature quick replacement jaw inserts, on
board pressure gauges and an auto rod grip and release feature. All HammerHead static pipe bursting systems feature torqued joint rods that have been proven in oil field and directional drilling for decades under
thrust, pullback and bend radii conditions.


Pipe Replacement Range - in (mm): 2 - 6 (50 - 150)
Rig Size L/W/H - in (cm): 60/20/12 (152/51/30)

Minimum Pit Size L/W/H - in (cm):
80/20/7 below pipe center line
(213/51/18 below pipe center line)

Weight - lb (kg): 762 (345)
Max. Pulling Force: 38 tons

Shuttle speed (no load, one cycle, aprox 1 m rod):
18 seconds

Rod Diameters - in (cm):
a. 1.38" (35 mm)
b. 1.75" (45 mm)

Rod Lengths - in (cm):
a. 39.38 (100 )
b. 39.38 (100)

Rod Weights - lb (kg):
a. 17.2 (7.8)
b. 27 (12.2)


Engine: Kubota 20.3 HP (15.1 kw) @ 2,800 RPM
Pump Flow - gpm (L/min): 24 (91) @ 2,800 RPM
Max. Hydraulic Pressure - psi (bar): 3,000 (207)
Rig Size L/W/H - in (cm): 52.5/23.5/41.5 (133/60/105)
Weight - lb (kg): 690 (313)

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