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Length: 13' (3962 mm)
Length: 13'6.5" (4128 mm)
Height: 1.5" (38 mm)
Height: 2' 10.75" (882 mm)
Width: 7' (2134 mm)
Overall Height: 6'0.87" (1851 mm)

Engine type: DEUTZ BF6M1013 turbo diesel water cooled with electric start
Rating 192 HP (143.2 kW) @ 2300 RPM maximum; 162 HP (120.8 kW) @2300 RPM continuous duty
Torque 518 ft-lb (703 Nm)@ 1400 RPM
Fuel capacity 30 U.S. gallons (118 L)
Clutch Dry, spring applied 13 inch (330 mm) diameter
Transmission Spicer five speed constant mesh
1st gear — 7.17:1
2nd gear — 4.21:1
3rd gear — 2.54:1
4th gear — 1.45:1
5th gear — 1.00:1
Reverse — 7.17:1
Gearbox ratio 39.71:1
Auger drive 4 inch hex (101.2 mm)
Working range 12 to 60 inch (305 to 1524 mm) casing diameter

1st gear 129,158 ft lb (175,139 Nm), 8 RPM
2nd gear 75,838 ft lb (102,836 Nm), 14 RPM
3rd gear 45,755 ft lb (62,044 Nm), 23 RPM
4th gear 26,120 ft lb (35,419 Nm), 40 RPM
5th gear 18,014 ft lb (24,427 Nm), 58 RPM
Reverse 129,158 ft lb (175,139 Nm), 8 RPM

Pressure 6,000 PSI (41,370 kPa)
Thrust (max) 1,200,000 lb (5338 kN)
Pump type Axial piston with load sensing. Adjustable peak flow rate.
Output 38 GPM (144 L/min)
Cylinders Four 8 inch bore x 35 inch stroke (203.2 x 889 mm)
Filter, suction Screen, 149 mesh
Filter, return Replaceable element, 10 micron

Base assembly, split machine 12,000 lb (5,448 kg)
Power package, split machine 6,900 lb (3,132 kg)
Casing pusher 1,900 lb (863 kg)
Master track 6,135 lb (2,785 kg)
Extension track 4,575 lb (2,077 kg)

The model 60-1200 comes with four base unit hook-roller hold down assemblies, low center line and wide stance to provide stability and to aid in the prevention of machine rollover. The spoil door is spring-loaded to deflect thrown debris. There is an emergency shutdown switch at the operator's station. Vivid graphics guide proper machine operation. Instruments include: engine tachometer, engine warning lights, hydraulic thrust pressure gauge. Track brake keeps machine from creeping while idling. Quick release hook rollers easily release from track.

The model 60-1200 has a power winch intended for rapidly pulling the boring machine back to its starting position on the track. The winch has a free-wheeling clutch to pay out wire rope. The winch can be controlled from the main hydraulic valve. The winch is not intended for pulling casing or auger sections.

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