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Configuration: Available Skid, Trailer, or Truck Mounted

Engine: 74 hp Kohler T4 Final

Vacuum Pump: 1,000 cfm vacuum pump

Vacuum Hose: 3 Inch UV protected hose is standard, 4 Inch option is available

Debris Tank: 500-gallon debris tank with hydraulic lift

Rear Door: Hydraulically operated full-open rear door with auto-engage safety latch

Water Tank Capacity: Two (2) 100-gallon water tanks with optional 300-gallon

Water Pump: 4,000 psi @ 4 gpm water pump with 50 foot high-pressure hose

Reverse pressure: to off-load liquids and dislodge debris in hose is standard

Air Pressure Pump: 150 cfm at 170 psi

Air Hose: 50 foot of high-pressure air hose retractable hose reel

Weight AIR: 573 SDT empty weight with trailer 6,820 lb

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