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Engine Gas: 25hp Kohler or Diesel: 29hp Deutz
Height Trailer mount: 96 or Skid mount: 82
Length Trailer mount: 19.5' (5.9m) or Skid mount: 204
Pump Output 450 cfm (12.7 cmm) @ 15" Hg (38.1 cm Hg)
Weight Trailer mount: 15000 lbs or Skid mount: 48-5200lbs
Width Trailer mount: 91 or Skid mount: 87

Additional Info

Spoils Tank Capacity: 800 Gallons (3006 L)
Vacuum Pump: 450 cfm (12.7 cmm) @ 15" Hg (38.1 cm Hg)
Engine Options: Gas-25 HP Kohler (18 kw) (V Twin Air Cooled
Model # CH25), Diesel-29 HP Deutz (21.6 kw) (2 Cylinder Air Cooled
Model # FL1011F)
Vacuum Hose Inlet: 3" (7.6 cm) and 4" (10 cm)
Vacuum Hose Length: 2–15 ft (4.5 m) sections (Additional Hose Available)
Filters: No./Type/Description: 2–10 Micron Polyester Bag Filters
Lift Type: Electric/Hydraulic Hoist
Door Type: Hand Wheel/Full Open
Lights: Safety Beacon
Mounting Options: Skid or Trailer

Trailer Type: Tandem Axle Leaf Spring
Hitch Type: Pintle
Weight (empty): Diesel-6300 lbs. (2858 kg), Gas-5900 lbs. (2676 kg)
Tongue Weight (Empty): Diesel-1080 lbs. (490 kg), Gas-870 lbs. (395 kg)
Width: 91" (231 cm)
Length: 19.5' (5.9 m)
Height: 96" (244 cm)
Axle Ratings: 6840 lbs. (3102 kg) each, 13,680 lbs. (6205 kg) gross
GVW Rating: 15,000 lbs. (6804 kg)
Brakes: Electric

Weight (empty): Diesel-5200 lbs. (2359 kg), Gas-4800 lbs. (2177 kg)
Width: 87" (221 cm)
Length: 204" (518 cm)
Height: 82" (208 cm)
Skid Dimensions
Width: 66" (168 cm)
Length: 186" (473 cm)
Height: 8" (21 cm)

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