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    American Augers
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Additional Info

Length: 16' (4877 mm)
Width: 7'3" (2210 mm)
Height: 7'5" (2260 mm)

Trailer Mounted:
Length: Varies with trailer selection
Width: 8'6" (2590 mm)
Height: 10' (3050 mm)

-480 volt 3 phase - 40 kW intermittent, 36 kW continuous
Auxiliary Electrical:
-120/208 volt AC, 6 kva
-2 x Duplex Outlets with Ground Fault interrupter
-2 x 500 watt quartz work lights

Engine: Caterpillar diesel 4 cylinder naturally aspirated
Rating: 60 HP (44.6 kW) continuous duty
Fuel Capacity: 42 US gallons (160 litres)

Screen Tank: 600 US Gallons (2270 litres)
Clean fluid/mixing:
-1200 US Gallons (4540 litres)
-With clean out covers, fluid level sight gauge.
-Epoxy coated interiors.

Tandem linear motion shaker (40 x 60 inch, 1219 x 1524 mm) driven by electric motor, fold-down discharge chute for cuttings. Various screen mesh sizes available.

Rated Capacity: Up to 250 GPM (945 lit/min)
Circulating Pump: Centrifugal, electric driven, 3x4
Desilting: Five inch cones (3 units) with manifolds and valves
Mud Agitation: Two jets

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