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Basic Model Information

  • Manufacturer:
    Tulsa Rig Iron
  • Model:
  • Rig Size:
    30,001 - 50,000 lbs pullback

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Drill Stem 10' 0''
Engine Cummins
Height 95''
Length 20' 0''
Pullback 38,500 lbs.
Pump Output 100 gpm
Pump Pressure 3000 psi
Rod Carrying Capacity 500'
Thrust 38,500 lbs.
Torque 5,000 lb.ft
Weight 15,000 lbs.
Width 84''

Additional Info

Transport Width: 84 in
Transport Height: 96 in
Transport Length: 250 in
Transport and Operating Weight: 18,000 lbs. w/ loaded pipe rack

Thrust/Pullback Drive System: Compound Hydraulic Cylinder
Maximum Carriage Speed: 60 fpm
Rated Thrust/Pullback Force: 38,500 lbs
Rotary Drive System: Crossing Vane Hydraulic Motor
Maximum Rotary Speed: 160 RPM
Rated Rotary Torque @ 80 rpm: 5,000 ft-lbs
Makeup/Breakout System: Cylinder operated lower vise with
operated upper breakout vise

Engine: Cummins 6BTA 5.9
Horsepower: 185 HP
Hydraulic Pumps: Triple, variable volume, closed loop, hydrostatic
transmission pumps w/auxiliary pressure piston compensation pump
Hydraulic Reservoir Capacity: 47 gal
Fuel Tank Capacity: 50 gal

Length: 10 ft
Tube/Tooljoint OD: 2 7/8 in
Connection: QD-65 2-7/8
Weight: 127 lbs./length
Rack Capacity: 50 Lengths

Pump: Tulsa Triplex TT-100
Maximum Flowrate w/ water: 100 gpm
Maximum Pressure w/ water: 3,000 psi
Normal Operating Flowrate & Pressure: 95 gpm @ 1,000 psi

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