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Basic Model Information

  • Manufacturer:
    Tulsa Rig Iron
  • Model:
  • Rig Size:
    200,000 lbs pullback and over

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Engine 3408 Caterpillar / Skid Mounted
Pullback 500,000 lb.
Thrust 500,000 lb.
Torque 37,800 ft. lb. maximum

Additional Info

Unit Type: Directional Drill Rig with Rack and Pinion design. Trailer mounted on Triple Axle Trailer.

Thrust (push/pull): 500,000 Lbs (4 drive motors)

Normal Operation:
-Utilizes 2 motors while drilling
-Utilizes 4 motors while pulling

Rotary Torque: 37,800 Ft-Lbs Maximum

Rotary Power Sub: 4-1/2" IF x 3" NPT with 2-3/4" Water Course

Rotary Speed: Maximum 60 RPM

Carriage Speed: Maximum 90 Ft-Min

Carriage Travel: Accommodates Range 2 Pipe (34 foot)

Hydraulic Wrench: Clincher Type

Power Unit: 3408 Caterpillar / Skid Mounted

Hydraulic System:
-Flender Rotary Motor
-Sundstrand Series 90 Hydraulic Motors and Pumps
-Fairfield Gearboxes

Control Cab:
-20 Foot Air Conditioned Container
-Operators Console
-Surveyors Table
-Separate Parts Storage on one end

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