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    ST750 / ST750A

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Engine Kubota 37 hp (28 kw) diesel
Length 132" (335 cm)
Width 77" (196 cm)

Additional Info

Gas-25 hp (19 kw) Kohler
Diesel- 22 hp Hatz
Tank Capacity: 750 gal. (2839 L)
Mixing Action: Venturi/recirculation
Length: 138"
Width: 48"
Height: 57"
Weight with empty tank: 1800 lbs.
Pump: Monarch 20 MGK-GS 3" centrifugal
Hose kit for plumbing 2- ST750A’s to one fitting (optional)

2" (D7x11a, D10x15, D16x20a)
3" (D24x26, D24x40a, D33x44, D40x40)
4" (D50x100a, D80x100)

Platform for mounting 2- ST750A's (optional)
Length: 185"
Width: 96"
Height: 6"
Weight: 1700 lbs.

Drilling fluids are a vital part of any HDD operation.
Vermeer offers the ST750A to meet operator needs
by providing a useful supply of drilling fluid to the
drill rig...quickly, efficiently, and with enough options
to let you do it your way.

The Vermeer ST750A drilling fluid supply system
offers the efficiency of a direct drive mixing system
to provide excellent mixing and supply of drilling fluids
to the horizontal directional drill.

A 750-gallon tank, gas or diesel engine, and centrifugal
pump are all mounted on a self-contained
mounting skid. Depending on supply requirements,
one or two units may be used to mix and supply
drilling fluid.

The ST750A uses a venturi/hopper mixing system to
provide initial mixing of drilling fluid additives.
Strategically placed roll jets then roll the tank’s contents to complete the mixing process and reduce
yield times.

An optional steel mounting platform and a kit to
plumb 2- ST750A’s to a single fitting are available
for enhanced versatility to the drilling operation.

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