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Engine Deutz F3L2011
Height 216 cm
Length 246 cm
Weight 1520 kg
Width 147 cm

Additional Info

Weight (only tractor): 1520 kg
Length (tractor with 6-Weg Back filling sign): 246 cm
Width: 147 cm
Height (with overroll bar): 216 cm
Wheel base: 117 cm
Track width: 118 cm
Clearance: 19 cm
Overroll bar: 2 posts
Fuel tank: 53 L

Make and model: Deutz F3L2011
Gross horsepower: 50 HP (37 KW)
Max Torque at 1700 U/min: 137 Nm
Capacity: 2.3 l
Number of cylinders: 3
Cooling: Air/oil
Max one. permissible Engine inclination (all sides): 25°
Fuel: Diesel

Supplementary system: 40 l/min. 2500 U/min
Pressure supplementary system: 172 bar
Drives: 115 l/min. 2500 U/min
Pressure drives: 250 bar
Boring mill drive: 115 l/min. with 2500 U/min
Pressure boring mill drive: 280 bar
Oil tank: 34 L

Hydrostatically, creeper speed
Foot pedal price increase: Standard
Tire size: 26x12 - 12
Max one. Driving speed: 7 km/h

Front axle: Dana 44 (also Planetary gear)
Rear axle: Dana 44 (also Planetary gear)
Differential lock (in front): optionally
Differential lock (in the back): Standard
Turning radius (only steered one Front axle): 3.9 m
Turning radius (front u. Rear axle steered): 2.9 m

Milling depths: 0 cm - 152 cm
Milling widths: 13 cm - 30 cm

Main brake: hydrostatically
Parking brake: closed Multi-disks (wet)

Width: 137 cm
Height: 38 cm
Conditions over tires: min. 18 cm

Type of excavator: B450
Weight: 522 kg
Spoon width: 30 cm or 46 cm
Max one. Grave depth: 196 cm
Swivelling range: 170°
Range: 297 cm
Standard remote maintenance: Starting/stop and back filling sign stroke

Features & Benefits
Feature: Forward/Reverse Ground Drive Foot Pedal
Benefit: Operators hands are freed, making this machine productive and easy to operate.

Feature: Patented Creep Override
Benefit: Better machine control translates to increased productivity.

Feature: Uncluttered Operators Platform
Benefit: Operators can easily get on and off of the platform.

Feature: Grouped Controls on the Right Side of the Machine
Benefit: Convenient control location for ease of use while operating attachment.

Feature: Cutters Supported by Bolt Through Both Side Plates of the Chain Assembly
Benefit: Added support lowers repair and maintenance costs.

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