New Tooling Equipment for All Makes and Models

All HDD Broker tooling is brand new. Shipping fees are in addition to the prices shown.

Individual Tooling

  • New Backreamers
    New Backreamers
  • New Drill Bits
    New Drill Bits
  • New Pullback Swivels
    New Pullback Swivels
  • New Pullers and Grips
    New Pullers and Grips
  • New Rock Tools
    New Rock Tools
  • New Starter Rods, Hex Collars and Transition Rods
    New Starter Rods, Hex Collars and Transition Rods
  • New Transmitter Housings
    New Transmitter Housings

Tooling Packages

  • Vermeer D7x11
    Vermeer D7x11
  • Vermeer D9x13
    Vermeer D9x13
  • Vermeer D16x20
    Vermeer D16x20
  • Vermeer D18x22
    Vermeer D18x22
  • Vermeer D20x22
    Vermeer D20x22
  • Vermeer D24x40
    Vermeer D24x40
  • Vermeer D36x50
    Vermeer D36x50
  • Vermeer D80x100
    Vermeer D80x100

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