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Our online listing page is easy, fast, and FREE! Use this guide to help you assemble your information and navigate the online listing process.

Looking for an example? Check out a sample listing to see what a completed listing can look like.

Step One: Contact Info

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  • Review
  1. Please provide your full contact information, or sign into your myBroker account to have these fields automatically filled in.

We protect your privacy, we never sell or share your information.

Step Two: Listing Info

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  • Listing Info
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  1. Asking price - indicate currency (ie USD, CAD, etc.). If you would like a fair market valuation of your equipment, click here.
  2. Year, manufacturer and model - for example: 2001 Vermeer D24x40 Series II.
  3. Serial number - this is very important to verify the year of equipment and will NOT be listed on the website. If you have multiple components, please provide serial numbers and VINs on the following page.
  4. Hours
  5. Miles - this field applies to trucks.
  6. Equipment location - needed to provide shipping quotes to potential buyers.

Step Three: Listing Details

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  • Listing Info
  • Listing Info
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  1. General Description - describe your equipment. What type of engine? Steel or rubber tracks? Is there still a warranty?
  2. Locating System(s) - make, model, serial numbers, remote, beacon/sonde, case, batteries/chargers, operating hours.
  3. Mixing System(s) - year, make, model, serial number, tank capacity, engine horsepower.
  4. Accessories - what else is included? Drill head, backreamer or any additional tooling?
  5. Pipe - pipe count, connection thread, length, diameter, racks, condition (% of wear remaining). OEM or after-market pipe?
  6. Trailer(s) - year, make, model, capacity, length, hitch type, VIN. Provide a copy of the title (if applicable).
  7. Recent Work / Modifications - service history is among the first questions a buyer will ask. Who performs the regular maintenance? Did you upgrade any components? Supply maintenance records.
  8. Additional Information

Use the Additional Information field to provide key information that may be relevant to a buyer:

  1. What type of soil conditions did you typically operate in?
  2. Do you know the ownership history? How long have you had the equipment?
  3. Is the equipment currently operating? If not, when was it last used?
  4. Does the equipment have a Tier IV engine? Any upgrades or updates?
  5. Storage conditions?

Other things that are valuable to know for when we sell your equipment:

  1. Do you have loading facilities available?
  2. Provide dimensions of tooling (or unusual sized items) for shipping purposes.

Step Four: Upload Attachments

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  • Listing Info
  • Attachments
  • Review

Adding pictures and video dramatically increases the salability of your equipment.

  1. Upload an unlimited number of photos of your equipment. We recommend at least 10 high-resolution pictures. You can also upload videos, PDFs, or Excel spreadsheets - whatever will help us sell your drill!
  2. We have a detailed FAQ page on how to upload attachments.
  3. We have tips for taking great photos.

Step Five: Review

  • Contact Info
  • Listing Info
  • Listing Info
  • Attachments
  • Review
  1. Review your listing for accuracy, and click "submit" if you are happy with the content.

Step Six: Do a Final "Check"

We've been selling equipment since 2001, and we've found that equipment that has 8 key items sells far more quickly. "Info Check" is our powerful new program that rewards your legwork! By providing the following information, your listings will gain more visibility and show near the top of our listings. Get any documents you may need and read the FAQs for full details.

  • Complete Description

    Including year, make, model and hours of each piece of equipment and quantities of parts, tooling and pipe.
  • Detailed Photos

    At least 10 high-resolution photos of the equipment and its components. Check out our Tips for Taking Photos.
  • Videos

    Including footage of the equipment operating its basic functions.
  • Complete Serial Numbers

    Include serial numbers for all equipment components that have one. Serial numbers will NOT be displayed on the website and are required to sell the equipment.
  • Inspection Reports

    Carried out by a qualified mechanic, preferably from an independent third party company. You can use our Condition Report template.
  • Lien Disclosures

    Fill out and sign our Ownership Statement document.
  • Titles

    Supply a high quality digital or faxed copy of titles for trucks, trailers, or other road-worthy vehicles.
  • Service History

    Submit detailed service records for at least the past six months. Check out a sample document of the kind of service history you can submit.

Send us additional files and documents by signing into your myBroker account, or by emailing

Step Seven: Success

That's it! Our online process makes it easy to provide your equipment details. You'll receive an email confirmation when your listing is online (usually within 24 hours).

HDD Broker is NOT just a listing service! We handle all aspects of the transaction from beginning to end, including: advertising the equipment, locating a buyer, financing (OAC), negotiating a fair price, closing the deal, arranging delivery, title transfers, and collecting and transferring the funds. HDD Broker is the world's most effective utility equipment marketplace!

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