2010 Vermeer D36x50 Series II

Non-Cab Machine comes with 15 Foot Drill Pipe and Tooling! 2,590 hours.


General Description:
2010 Vermeer D36x50 Series II Directional Drill:
-2,590 hours

Locating System(s):
Integrated DigiTrak MFD Display.

2-5/8 Flush FST II Drill Rod:
-(40) on the Machine
-(20) Additional Rods
-15 Foot Lengths

Seller States:
-All Rods purchased 7-15-15.
-Approximately 1,000 hours on the rods.

-Starter Rods and Collars
-8" Football
-Drill Head
-Various 2.875 API X Quickfire Adapters

Additional Information:
-Aplex 50 GPM Pump
-Non-cab rig

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