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2014 McElroy TracStar No.618

Includes Inserts, Heater Plates and Hoses! 2,118 hours.


General Description:
2014 McElroy 618 Tracstar Fusion Machine:
-2,118 hours

Seller States:
-Remote Welding Hoses
-All inserts are included with the machine and are approximately 90% condition (24 inserts total)
-The machine would come with two heater plates in excellent condition, approximately 85% condition (18" and 12")

Additional Information:
Seller States:
-Machine is in excellent condition and has been well maintained .
-No leaks or damages worth mentioning (a few scratches on the paint but nothing out of normal).
-Machine has been shop kept and when utilized in the field it was tracked very little and on reasonable terrain.
-The machine was routinely used in a very cautious manner and kept from the elements when possible.
-Very rarely was the machine subjected to muddy conditions and when it was it was quickly washed and lubricated for further use.
-Only two operators used the machine and did so with respect.
-Any small damages that the machine suffered were always taken care of rapidly and correctly.
-This is pretty close to out of the box.


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