2019 Barbco Tribor48

Auger Boring Machine Package! Serious, Reasonable Offers Considered!

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General Description:
2019 Barbco Tribor48 - 3 in 1 Boring System.

Locating System(s):
-GBM Guidance System - Consisting of Theodolite and Case
-Touch Screen Monitor and Case
-LED Target Assembly (Air Hammer Ready) and Case
-Adjustable Mounting Assembly and Case

Mixing System(s):
-On-Board Mud System
-24 GPM Max Flow
-1300 PSI Max Pressure
-300 Gal Mixing/Storage Mud Tank
-Hose Storage

-(1) x 8 Foot Master Track section
-Skid Mounted, Open Power Unit with 400HP Diesel Engine
-Independent Thrust and Rotation Pumps
-Integrated Hydraulic Oil Cooler
-Large Capacity Hydraulic and Fuel Tanks
-Hose Storage

-Auger Boring Kit (ABM)- consisting of 48" Master Pusher, 5" Hex Front Drive and Spoil Paddle Assembly and 48" Rolling Master Hold-Down Saddle
-Guided Boring Kit (GBM) - consisting of Side Inlet Mud Swivel and Pilot Tube Sub Saver (Can utilize any Manufactures Pilot Tubes)

-(3) Additional Track Sections, 8' with Rack Gear 4pcs required (including master) to Auger Bore 20 sections of casing or drill 10' sections of GBM Rods or 15' Directional Drill Rods)
-Additional Track Sections, 8' 4 pieces (including master) required to Auger Bore 20' sections of casing or drill 10' sections of GBM Rods or 15' Directional Drill Rods
-Extra LED Target Assembly

-Machine Side Breakout System - Consisting of Plug-and-Play Dual Breakout, Manual Valve and Track Dogs
-Exit Side portable Breakouts - 50,000 ft lbs torque with 12 volt Power Unit, 4.25" to 8.75" capacity
-25,000 ft lb Capacity Crane with 20' reach or equivalent, Remote Controlled (Mounts atop Breakouts)

-(30) 10 Foot x 7" OD Rope Thread Pilot Tube x 3-1/2" Sight Tube, Air Hammer Ready
-(3) Pilot Tube Storage Box - 10 Foot long Tubes (Holds 12 pieces/120 Feet)
-7" OD RT Line-of-Sight Target Housing for GBM, Air Hammer Ready
-8" OD, 45 Deg. Steering Head with Carbide Bits for GBM
-7-1/2" OD, 45 Deg. Steering Head, Soft Soil for GBM
-6-1/2" OD x 5' long x Tapered 4" Male Hex Drive Shock Rod
-Pilot Tube Push Swivel, 7" Rope Thread Box X 4" Hex Pin / or SWSH Thread (specify Thread type)

Additional Information:
-Jacking Frame with a Rotation System
-Produces 80,620 ft lbs maximum torque and 84 maximum rpm.
-Center Thrusting Cylinders producing 750,000 lbs of force
-Quick-Attach Spindle for three modes of operation (Auger Boring, Guided Boring and Directional Drilling)
-Rack and Pinion Thrust/Pullback System - 6 Drive, producing 122,262 lbs maximum force and 60 maximum fpm.

Serious, Reasonable Offers Considered!


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