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2017 Vermeer D23x30 S3

Comes with 400 feet of Drill Stem! 2,625 hours.

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General Description:
2017 Vermeer D23x30 S3 Directional Drill:
-2,625 hours

400 Feet Drill Stem (2.375 Firestick).

Recent Work/Modifications:
Seller States:
-Deutz Engine updated the DEF software last year.
-Our Mechanic installed airplane hydraulic fluid in the system because it will not freeze so it helped when we did have to work in the winter.
-The front vise motor was replaced.
-The 3 rack/pinion motors were replaced with more powerful ones under warranty from Vermeer, because of a recall.
-The front where the breakout jaws are all the hydraulic lines were replaced with a higher rated lines.
-The battery was recently changed also.
-Vermeer switch out to a actual metal hose adapter coming from the mud pump in the rear of the machine.
-This machine has always had a inline strainer so nothing would damage my pump also which I think is key to extending the life of it.

Additional Information:
Seller States:
-Integrated Aurora Display.
-This is our 2017 Vermeer D23x30 S3 that has worked so well for us. Our company updates our drill every so many years so this is the only reason it is being sold.
-This machine has been well cared for from day one like all our drills. Washed after every use and regular maintenance through Vermeer and Deutz Engine.
-The longest bore was over 1000' for (3) 2" HDPE ducts and we had to bring in a crane to lift a new rack with more rods onto the machine that was a long day.
-This machine had one main operator, but on a few occasions when he went on vacation we had someone cover.
-The front plate was bent when on of these guys covering pulled back to far with the reamer you will see that in the picture.

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NOT INCLUDED - Other pictured items NOT included; Machine and Rod ONLY.



Condition Reports:
Sellers Condition Report (4MB)

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