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These are articles written by HDD Broker that were printed/published by Trenchless World.

  • The State of the Second Hand HDD Rig Market Part One & Two

    June 2012

    In the last issue of Trenchless World you read about the steady decline of used equipment inventory that the marketplace has seen since the peak back in October of 2010. The reasoning behind the steady decline of used inventory was outlined in great detail in the previous article.

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  • Evaluating the Used Rig Market

    February 2009

    It's a different world today than it was yesterday. It will be a different world again tomorrow. I was recently asked to speak at the Underground Construction Technology Exhibition in San Antonio, Texas, and it afforded me the opportunity stand back and reflect on the HDD industry over the last ten years or so and see how it has been affected, and more specifically how the market for used HDD equipment has changed and where it is now.

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  • What does the International Market Offer?

    February 2009

    There is a wide selection of HDD drills offered from manufacturers based outside of the US. The quality ranges from next to useless to upper-end luxury, depending upon the manufacturer and the resources that they have to work with in their respective countries.

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  • Trenchless Round Table Discussion in San Antonio, TX

    January 2009

    It was my distinct pleasure to take part in the first annual Trenchless Round Table Discussion put on by Trenchless World Magazine. Many of the industry's major players were invited to attend, and representatives from many of the trenchless industry leaders made an appearance.

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  • The Changing Face of the HDD Equipment Marketplace

    October 2008

    The times, they are a'changin'... An old saying, and one that seems to be accurate regardless of just what the "times" currently are. The expression is, nonetheless, an accurate one, particularly as we talk about the HDD marketplace right now.

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