Trenchless embraces social media

By Trenchless International - October 25, 2009

Trenchless companies around the world are creating an online presence via websites, and social networking sites such as Twitter and Facebook to promote their products and services to a broader market.

Competition is strong throughout the trenchless industry and a web presence can connect to new customers and create networking opportunities between businesses.

The East Side Big Pipe project in Portland US is using Twitter to promote its activities in a fun way, creating an account for its tunnel boring machine "~Rosie'.

Meanwhile, companies such as HDD Broker and CCTV manufacturer Aries have recently launched websites.

Aries is a global manufacturer of CCTV inspection and pipeline repair and systems support. The company's website features concise navigation, fresher design and functionality, such as a distributor locator and the ability to easily move through pipeline products and systems.

HDD Broker has launched two new Australasian specific websites after having secured a new alliance with JB Attachments Group, trading as JB Sales International in Australia.

Click here to visit the HDD Broker Australia website.

Click here to visit the HDD Broker New Zealand website.

In addition, HDD Broker also recently attended Trenchless Australasia 2009, the 8th National ASTT Conference and Exhibition Melbourne, Australia.

"Certainly it was one of the better attended shows that we've gone to this year. Most importantly [we were able to] network with the other exhibitors and attendees [and] finally met many of [our past customers face to face], to their great delight," said HDD Broker.

"The show was quite compact, but had a good representation of trenchless-specific vendors and exhibitors. The trenchless mainstays were there, of course, including DCI, Vermeer, Astec Underground, The Robbins Company, and many others."

Click here to read the full review of Trenchless Australasia 2009 or click here to watch the Trenchless Australasia 2009 video.

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